Personalized Investment Portfolio and Financial Planning for NRIs

Hemista is one of its kind Cross-Border Robo Advisor that generates a comprehensive portfolio with significant exposure to both the U.S and Indian financial markets. Securing your financial future only demands a few minutes on our platform.

Registered with SEC

For needs that are unique to your situation




Children’s Education


Exposure to home & country of residence

Maximizing the potential of your financial growth

Newbie or pro-investor- we got you covered. At Hemista, we cater to the needs of our customers by customizing portfolios so your money can grow to its maximum potential


One advisor, two nations

We eliminate the need to have two advisors, one for India and the U.S


No Minimum Investment

You can start with any amount, and there is no lock-in period for your investments


Transparent pricing

We charge a fixed fee on the AUM and use low-cost commission-free ETFs


Minimising currency risk

Our proprietary algorithm significantly reduces currency risk by matching the currency of your income & expenses


Seamless Account Opening

You can open an account in a few minutes, and it is entirely paperless.

Your financial goals at the touch of your fingertips.

Designed specially for Indians living in the US, Hemista generates a single portfolio with exposure to both the US and Indian financial markets.




Your Details

Fill out a simple questionnaire

Our Recommendations

Hemista will recommend portfolio options

Sign up

On confirmation, you can open an online account with Hemista

Link to bank

Link your bank account to fund the account


Our system will allocate the funds according to the algorithm in a diversified portfolio comprising of ETFs within different asset classes.


Investment methodology

Passive investing

We follow a long term passive investing strategy of buy and hold and do not time the market.

Diversified Portfolio

Our portfolios are diversified among different asset categories and every category is represented by one or two ETFs

Modern Portfolio Theory

We incorporate elements of modern portfolio theory while building our portfolio and try to maximize risk-adjusted returns

Exposure to US and Indian markets

Our portfolios have significant exposure to the US and Indian markets

Portfolio Re-Balancing

We review the portfolio annually for Re-balancing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Robo Advisor?

A Robo Advisor is an online investment advisory platform which automates the investment advisory process with minimal human intervention. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

What is Hemista?

Is Hemista a Regulated Institution?

Yes. Hemista is a Registered Investment Adviser company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange, and it is regulated primarily under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Is it safe to share personal information with Hemista?

How is Hemista different from other Robo Advisors?

What are the investment products Hemista uses to build the portfolio?

Hemista uses low-cost ETFs provided by some of the leading asset managers in the world, such as iShares BlackRock, SPDR.

What are ETFs?

Are the assets held with Hemista safe?

What are the charges for using Hemista?

Hemista is a fee-only Investment Adviser, and we charge 30 bps (0.03%) per annum on the Assets under management. There are no transaction fees associated with using our services.

Does Hemista provide any guarantee on the performance of the portfolio?

No, Hemista does not guarantee anything related to the performance of the portfolio.

Is there any lock-in period for investments?

There is no lock-in period for investments made through us. You are free to redeem your investments anytime and it may take up to 3-5 business days for the money to get credited in your bank account.

Who can open an account with Hemista?

Anyone who lives in the US and has a social security number can open an account with Hemista. If the user is on H or L visa , then they will need to upload their passport and visa copy.

Investing Lessons

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NRIs: Balancing Investments between the US and India

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“I founded Hemista because I saw that there were no avenues for NRIs to get holistic financial advice at a low cost. “



Investment Methodology