About Us

Hemista is the first of its kind Robo Advisor that caters to the specific investment and financial planning needs of Indians living in the United States. Our investment platform operates based on our proprietary Cross Border Robo Advisor® Algorithm. Hemista provides an easy to use and cost-effective solution to all your investment and financial planning needs. 

By way of our technology-driven investment advisory solution, we create a personalized portfolio that was hitherto available only to high net worth individuals. Hemista’s proprietary algorithm takes into consideration factors that are unique to Indian expatriates such as prime importance to children’s education, propensity to invest in India, Retirement in India, et

Our Team


Gurumoorthi G


Gurumoorthi has over 10 years of experience in investing and managing funds by investing in the stock markets. He has corporate experience in Equity Research, Data Analytics and Corporate Banking. He has an MBA from Babson College and Master’s in Management (Finance) from IIM Indore. He has also completed the value investing program from Columbia Business School.


Kandasamy Munusamy


Kandasamy has 13+ years of experience in Mobile Application Development, Blockchain, Mobile automation (CI/CD), Data Sciences & Machine Learning. In his previous roles, he was the Software Architect at Charles Schwab and T-Mobile.

abhinav sharma

Abhinav Sharma


Abhinav has more than five years of Digital Marketing experience in the financial services industry while working with YES Securities and PhillipCapital. He has an MBA in Marketing and a Postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing.

Investment Philosophy

We follow a long term passive investing strategy with substantial exposure to the US and Indian equity markets. We use the core principles of modern portfolio theory to build the portfolio. Diversification plays a crucial role in our allocation, and we incorporate assets with low correlation to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns and refrain from diversification just for the sake of covering all possible asset classes. For instance, we do not see any meaningful value added when European equities are added to US equities since both these asset classes have a similar risk profile and are highly correlated. However, a combination of the US market assets and Indian market assets, which are less correlated, might yield superior risk-adjusted returns.

We don’t believe in frequent balancing, which we think cuts down on winners and adds into losers. However, we will review the portfolio annually for rebalancing, or in case the portfolio allocation to a particular asset class exceeds our threshold. Our threshold is higher than most other Robo advisors and thus reduces frequent churning of the portfolio. We take into consideration the user’s underlying currency exposure and adjust the allocation across the United States and India.

We believe, we as advisors are in a better position to assess the risk and recommend the ideal portfolio to our client and so do not give the client the option to tweak the portfolio. The whole purpose of using a Robo advisor is defeated if it involves frequent human intervention as one of the significant advantages of using a Robo advisor is that it eliminates all behavioral biases in the process of investing.,